Welcome to the Church on the Hill, the home of sports in Glasgow's vibrant southside!

Sporting Spirit

Welcome to Church on the Hill – where the banter flows as freely as the pints!

We’re not just your average pub; we’re the beating heart of the southside, mixing community vibes with a big dollop of sports madness. You won’t find a more welcoming spot for sports fanatics, families, or anyone looking for a good time.

Church on the Hill is the place where folk meet, cheer, and create memories that last a lifetime. We’re not just a pub; we’re where the magic happens!

Our Sporting Mission Your home from home

Here at Church on the Hill, we’re on a mission – and it’s not just about scoring goals (although, we love a good goal, mind you!).

We’re all about bringing the community together through the pure magic of sports. We’re talking a place where young and old, locals and newcomers, can kick back, cheer on, and soak up the atmosphere. We’re building a family, and no matter if you’re a footy fanatic, rugby daft or just here for the nachos, you’re part of it.

So, grab a seat, get ready for some laughs, and let’s make Church on the Hill your home from home. 🏉🍻

What's On

16 Algie Street . Glasgow . G41 3DJ