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We'd like you all to see what a fantastic space we have upstairs. At the minute it is not licensed so we can't make use of it. In the future though, we think it would make a stunning Wedding Venue & function space. We'd love to have comedy nights, small theatre productions and community based events going on there almost every week! A bit like a Southside Oran mor! What do you think? Let us know if you would like to see such a venue in the Southside.

Alternatively, if you think we could better use the space then we'd love to hear your ideas! We'd like to state from the outset that we will never apply to turn it into a club! We have never ran a club and to be honest, never want to! Too many late nights! We are also aware that a club is something which could potentially bring disruption to the lives of our neighbours and for that reason alone it is something we'd never consider.